Ray Kobald

Walking Into Autumn Size H 19.25" X W 8" X D 14.5" Bronze

From the Waters H 23.75" X W 4" X D 3" Bronze

Morning Sun 24"H X 5"W X 3.5"D Bronze

Secret Sounds 4.5"H X 4"W X 3"D Bronze

Spring Song 21.25"H X 5"W X 3.5"D Bronze

Waiting for the Last Buffalo 22"H X 3"W X 2.5"D Bronze

Plight 30"H X 8"W X 6.5"D Bronze

Skimming the Hoard 21.5"H X 5"W X 4.25"D Bronze

I Have Seen the Painted Mountain 21.75"H X 5"W X 5"D Bronze

The Past is Very Near 21.37"H X 5"W X 4"D Bronze

From the Raven 29"H X 4.5"W X 5.5"D Bronze

I'm Still Me 20.5"H X 3.5"W x 2.5"D Bronze

Something Age Forgot H 20.25" X W 4" X D 2.5" Bronze

Buffalo Spirit 25"H X 16"W X 6"D Bronze


“Ray Kobald’s work is mystical, but not spiritual.” Frank Howell, Artist

To view Kobald’s work is an invitation to explore a mystery. Some figures hide behind masks. Some look up from under head coverings. All suggest a story. As writer Elizabeth Johnson tells us, “Their attention is reverently engaged in a vastness that we cannot see.” A nationally known sculptor living and working in St. Charles, Illinois, Kobald’s work is in demand throughout the United States and abroad. It has been purchased for private collections and his monumental works grace courtyards, parks and public and private buildings.

This love of art led him to earn a degree is Industrial Art and Design with a minor

in Fine Arts from Bradley University. He continued his education studying Fine Arts at Northern Illinois University. A painter and print maker as well as a sculptor, Kobald taught art for many years all the while pursuing his own work in woodcrafts, painting and sculpture. He completed his Master of Fine Arts at the Instituto Allende, part of the University of Guanajuata in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuata, Mexico. It was here that he studied and developed his love of sculpture. Deeply influenced by the Mexican archeology and the bold colors and vibrant art of the country, this became a major influence in his art that continues even today.

After earning his Master of Fine Arts degree, Kobald worked as the Senior Interior Designer for Northern Illinois University while teaching art and design part time at Waubonsee Community College. For the past twenty years, Kobald has devoted all his time to creating whimsical and Native American art in mixed media creations and bronze sculptures. His work is highly sought and collected. He is represented by numerous galleries throughout the West and the Midwest.

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