Tammy Callens

Moon Reflections 30 x 15 Oil

Wallis 14x11 Oil

Saturday Morning 16x12 Oil

Mountain Ranch 30x20 Oil


Tamara grew up in the lush redwood landscape of the north coast of California where she and her husband Paul raised their three children. She and her husband Paul currently reside in the Jackson Hole area of Wyoming, where they enjoy the vast Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

Early on, Callens was naturally drawn to art. As the youngest child in a family of five siblings that included two sets of twins, Tamara grew up in a creative and talented environment that encouraged drawing and painting. Her mother, who was an art teacher, was the major factor in planting these seeds when she urged Tammy and her twin brother to sketch their own images over and over while sitting in front of a mirror.

Her interest as a professional artist began through enjoying great artists such as Zorn, Sorolla, and Sargent. Studying their works as well as observing today's masters has inspired Tamara to paint full-time and constantly to improve her skills.
Proficient in landscape, figure and portrait subjects, Tamara utilizes traditional painting techniques in a decidedly contemporary fashion. While her subject matter remains timeless, she favors dramatic and yet intimate compositions that feature shimmering color harmonies and painterly brushwork. 

Member of: Oil Painter's of America

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