Welcome To Mountain Trails Gallery

Long recognized as one of the premiere fine art galleries of the West, Mountain Trails Gallery proudly represents many of the most renowned contemporary and western artists of our time. The gallery features an eclectic mix of representational and impressionist paintings and sculpture as well as a broad selection of western artifact reproductions. A wide variety of subject matter is offered, including western, figurative, wildlife, still-life and landscapes. Please a selection from our artists. If you do not see a specific piece, contact us directly for a private appointment. We pride ourselves in providing thorough information regarding our artists and their work. Also, we provide comprehensive assistance with painting commissions, as well as bronze monument installations.

Country Road by Simon Winegar 20x20 Oil

The Farm: A True Love Affair by Simon Winegar 40x48 Oil

Garden City by Simon Winegar 12x24 Oil

Along The Bear River by Nicholas Coleman 30x40 Oil

Around the Fire By Nicholas Coleman 24x30 Oil

In The Cottonwoods by Nicholas Coleman 16x12 Oil

Lower River Beaver Camp by Nicholas Coleman 9x12 Oil

Moran Lake- Early In The Season by Nicholas Coleman 24x30 Oil

Young Bull At Dusk by Nicholas Coleman 12x16 Oil

Gallatin Nocturne by Shanna Kunz 20x16 Oil

First Snow by Shanna Kunz 16x20 Oil

Burning Bush by Shanna Kunz 28x36 Oil

Bella Luna by Shanna Kunz 36x24 Oil

I Didn't Do It by Alexander Selytin 14x11 Oil

Two of a Kind by Lucia Heffernan 8x10 Oil

Silent Night by Lucia Heffernan 28x42 Oil

Double Trouble by Lucia Heffernan 8x10 Oil

Driving Miss Birdie by Lucia Heffernan 24x20 Oil

Esmeralda by Lucia Heffernan 40x40 Oil

Lion's Den by Lucia Heffernan 28x42 Oil

Louise by Lucia Heffernan 16x16 Oil

Purrfect Pass by Lucia Heffernan 24x20 Oil

Reality TV by Lucia Heffernan 16x16 Oil

Doggy Paddle by Lucia Heffernan 18x24 Oil

Red Barn by Kimbal Warren 12x12 Oil

Under the Old Cedar by Kimbal Warren 12x12 Oil

High Country Supplies by Kimbal Warren 24x36 Oil

Snake Creek Grill by Kimbal Warren 12x16 Oil

"Daniel" by Corrina Johnson 5x5 Oil

"Deborah" by Corrina Johnson 5x5 Oil

"Ezra" by Corrina Johnson 5x5 Oil

"Hilda and Heidi" by Corrina Johnson 6x8 Oil

Noah by Corrina Johnson 5x5 Oil

Iconic by Troy Collins 60x48 Oil

Made to Shine by Troy Collins 40x16 Oil

"Radiant Light" by Troy Collins 36x96 Oil

Old Main Park City by Simon Winegar 36x48 Oil

"And They Blessed The Ones That Got Away With Laughter" by Donna Howell Sickles 48x48 Acrylic

"Looking Back" by Donna Howell Sickles 44x30 Mixed Media

"Playdate" by Donna Howell Sickles 30x22 Mixed Media

"Shelter From A Storm" by Donna Howell Sickles 60x40 Mixed Media

"White Hat" by Jeff Ham 56x41 Acrylic

"Black Buffalo Blackfeet" by Krystii Melaine 30x36 Oil

"Sisters" by Krystii Melaine 24x24 Oil

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Show for Troy Collins

December 29th-January 4th

Artist Reception for Troy Collins

Friday, December 30th from 4-6pm

December Gallery Stroll

Friday, December 30th from 6-9pm