Welcome To Mountain Trails Gallery

Long recognized as one of the premiere fine art galleries of the West, Mountain Trails Gallery proudly represents many of the most renowned contemporary and western artists of our time. The gallery features an eclectic mix of representational and impressionist paintings and sculpture as well as a broad selection of western artifact reproductions. A wide variety of subject matter is offered, including western, figurative, wildlife, still-life and landscapes. Please a selection from our artists. If you do not see a specific piece, contact us directly for a private appointment. We pride ourselves in providing thorough information regarding our artists and their work. Also, we provide comprehensive assistance with painting commissions, as well as bronze monument installations.

New to the Gallery

Whisper Sweet Nothing 12x12 Oil

Vader Bunny 16x16 Oil

Two of a Kind 8x10 Oil

Thelma 16x16 Oil

The Champ 30x40 Oil

Sugarhouse 12x12 Oil

Silent Night 28x42 Oil

Double Trouble 8x10 Oil

Driving Miss Birdie 24x20 Oil

Esmeralda 40x40 Oil

Lion's Den 28x42 Oil

Louise 16x16 Oil

Purrfect Pass 24x20 Oil

Reality TV 16x16 Oil

Doggy Paddle 18x24 Oil

Dog Days of Summer 16x16 Oil

Big Red 40x40 Oil

Aromatherapy 24x24 Oil

Glow of Morning by Mark Gibson 20x16 Oil

Moon Shadows by Mark Gibson 32x28 Oil

Western Plain by Mark Gibson 28x26 Oil

Waters Edge by Mark Gibson 30x20 Oil

Fall Camp by Mark Gibson 24x20 Oil

Moon Struck by Mark Gibson 36x30 Oil

The Winter Sage by Mark Gibsom 18x16 Oil

Gentle Breezes 24x20 Oil

Firelight 24x24 Oil

Emerald Grove 16x40 Oil

Delicate Harmony 30x30 Oil

Autumn Romance 36x36 Oil

American Beauty 36x48 Oil

A February Snow 16x40 Oil

Arabella 16x40 Oil

Strength and Unity 24x24 Oil

Trail of Unshod Ponies 24x48 Oil

Recounting His Deeds 30x40 Oil

An Acoma Polychrome by Lisa Danielle 10x8 Acrylic

Beautiful Imperfection by Lisa Danielle 10x8 Acrylic

Four Mile Polychrome by Lisa Danielle 10x8 Acrylic

A Cold Supper 36x48 Oil

Thunders 12x24 Oil

Alpine Vista 15x30 Oil

End of the Lane 16x20 Oil

Irish Dock 15x30 Oil

Winter Essence 16x40

Midnight Forest 16x20

Higher Ground 36 x 48

Upcoming Events

Lucia Heffernan Solo Show August 11th-August 17th
Artist Reception Saturday, August 13th from 3-6pm
Image: "October Moon" by Lucia Heffernan 40x40 Oil
Artist Demonstration by Sculptor, Bryce Pettit
Saturday, August 13th - Sunday, August 14th
Image: "Last Reign of the Grizzly" by Bryce Pettit
August Gallery Stroll

Friday, August 26th from 6pm - 9pm 

Image: "Humdinger" by Jennifer O'Cualain