Amy Lay

Redtails, Wolves and The Bull 72x60 Oil

Coyote Moon 30 x 48

Mountain Soulmates 36x48 Oil

Cliff Goat 24 x 18

Ghost Flank 60x48 Oil

Mr. Scarlet 36x36 Oil

Three 36 x 36

Antler Garland 48x36

Dark Love 18x24

Ursine 48x45 Oil

I Am Not Afraid 36x36 Oil

Dainty Brute 24x24 Oil

Red Brush 36x48 Oil

Steady 48x36 Oil

Wapiti Red 48x36 Oil

Splendid 36x24 Oil

Foxy 20x10 Oil

Mustangs Blue 36x48 Oil

Shed Huntress 36x24 Oil

Winter Three 48x72 Oil

Elegant 40x30 Oil


Vibrancy, a sense of looseness and a comfortable nontraditional style are all ways in which Amy's Paintings have been described.

Heavily inspired by her experiences of a life growing up in the shadow of the Eagle Cap Wilderness of Northeastern Oregon, Amy developed an intimate love and fascination for the animals and wildlife on her families’ 5 generation mountain ranch. Primarily self-taught but grateful for her Art Degree from Eastern Oregon University, Amy's career has evolved from childhood dream to reality.

Now painting primarily in oils; a bold use of color, powerful yet simple design and an ephemeral quality in her use of medium influenced by years of painting strictly in watercolor has given Amy's work a highly recognizable and unique signature quality.  Her work dances across the often thick line between realism and abstraction, traditional and contemporary and because of this it appeals to a very broad and often newer clientele.

Amy Poor's contemporary spin on the traditional subject matter is injecting fresh energy into the art scene in Park City.

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