Lucia Heffernan

Urban Fox 48x48 Oil

Lil' Cellist 10x8 Oil

Moonlight Sonata 10x8

Rock'n Under the Moon 10x8 Oil

Renegade 60x84 Oil

Silent Night 28x42 Oil

Annabelle 40x40 Oil

Penelope 48x48 Oil

Game Point 40x60 Oil

Go Long 40x60 Oil

El Toro I 40x60 Oil

Take Flight 36x36 Oil

Double Trouble 8x10 Oil

Baby Chick 8x8 Oil

A Little Ball of Feathers 8x8 Oil

Fluff Ball 8x8 Oil


Born in Taiwan in 1966, Lucia was inspired to paint and draw at a very early age by her mother, a water color artist and teacher.  In the early 1990’s, after graduating with honors from Binghamton University in Fine Arts and Design, she established LDD, a multi-million dollar award winning creative design agency.  Lucia moved to Utah in 2000 where her creative focus shifted from digital design to oil painting.

Her paintings showcase her strength in graphic design and reflect her love of animals.  “My work is in the style of contemporary realism.  I want to make the animals jump out from the canvas, but I also love the energy from abstract paintings.  I often focus in on the subject and create an abstract background to enhance the focus”.

Her latest series of paintings use animals as metaphors to portray the quirky and charming moments we encounter daily.  “I enjoy depicting the twists and turns that make our life stories seem a little more interesting”.

Lucia has won numerous local and national competitions and her work is widely collected in the western United States.  She is a member of Oil Painters of America and the Society of Animal Artists.

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