Troy Collins

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Owning the Moment 78x36 Oil

Autumn's Invitation 24x48 Oil

Way Beyond the Blue 36x24 Oil

Making All Things New 48x36 Oil

Breath of Creation 48x60 Oil

Spring is Calling 36x48 Oil

Heavenly Strength 48x24 Oil

When My Soul Went Searching 60x48 Oil

Sunlight on a Winter Day 48x48 Oil

Beyond All Measure 48x30 Oil

Sing A New Song 70x54 Oil

When the Wind Blows 60x48 Oil

The Sound of Color-Autumn 50x40 Oil

Autumn Song 48x24 Oil

Abide With Me 48x48 Oil

Extraordinary Blessings 24x48 Oil

A Waking Dream 48x24 Oil

Astounding Beauty 36x36 Oil

A Pathway to Wonder 30x40 Oil

A Semblance of Faith 24x48 Oil

Winter Serenade 48x48 Oil

Love that Never Leaves 24x48 Oil

Romantic Impressions 38x38 Oil

The Winter Valley 48x48 Oil

Autumn Daydream 40x84 Oil

A Fine Retreat 38x68 Oil

River Dance 36x60 Oil

Autumn Brilliance 30x24 Oil

Dancing in the Light 40x30 Oil


Mastering the truest form of impressionistic art by pouring his heart onto canvas, Troy Collin's vision and faith have danced with color and technique, changing the spiritual temperature of galleries and homes nationwide.

Nurturing creativity, skill, and design in direct balance with virtues and principles as a protégé for four years under master impressionist, Robert Moore, Troy gleaned a passion for creating a visual experience that captures and moves each viewer to connect with the colors, texture, and design elements in an intimate way, by evoking a tug at people's heartstrings.

Pursuing a closer relationship with God has caused Troy's artwork to fly off the walls by artists and collectors in response to what Troy credits the love, faith, prayers, and support of his family, overflowing in his life, as artistic inspiration is reborn and lavishly expressed in each piece of his valued collections.

The adventurous spirit in Troy has afforded him the luxury to paint a myrid of places spanning throughout the West. His faith, family, and the elemental beauties found in nature remain the top priorities in all of his original art.

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