Welcome To Mountain Trails Gallery

Long recognized as one of the premiere fine art galleries of the West, Mountain Trails Gallery proudly represents many of the most renowned contemporary and western artists of our time. The gallery features an eclectic mix of representational and impressionist paintings and sculpture as well as a broad selection of western artifact reproductions. A wide variety of subject matter is offered, including western, figurative, wildlife, still-life and landscapes. Please a selection from our artists. If you do not see a specific piece, contact us directly for a private appointment. We pride ourselves in providing thorough information regarding our artists and their work. Also, we provide comprehensive assistance with painting commissions, as well as bronze monument installations.

A New Day Dawns by Edward Aldrich 48x48 Oil

Powerful Presence by Edward Aldrich 36x48 Oil

Snowy Prince by Edward Aldrich 36x36 Oil

The Prophet II 46x46 Oil

Of the Stars 48x54 Oil

Prepared 44x48 Oil

The Guardian II 48x72 Oil

Imagine The Infinate 44x48 Oil

The Beloved 48x24 Oil

Shades of Winter 48x36 OIl

The Path That Winds 60x48 Oil

The Magic of Winter 16x20 Oil

Sleet, Snow and Nostalgia 18x24 Oil

Punctuation 36x24 Oil

The Brook by Dave Santillanes 36x24 Oil

Boy, This is Heaven by Kimbal Warren 24x30 Oil

Quiet Lakeside by Kimbal Warren 8x16 Oil

Scruboak and Evergreen by Simon Winegar 36x24 Oil

Fire by the Water by Simon Winegar 26x44 Oil

Sunset Reflections by Simon Winegar 5.5x5.5 Oil

Winds from the West by Simon Winegar 24x35 Oil

A New Hope by Troy Collins 48x36 Oil

Dreams Come True by Troy Collins 40x16 Oil

Magic Hour by Troy Collins 48x38 Oil

Northern Lights by Troy Collins 48x30 Oil

Rising Up by Troy Collins 12x30 Oil

Visions in the Snow by Troy Collins 16x40 Oil

Transformation by Troy Collins 36x36 Oil

In Awe by Troy Collins 34x46 Oil

My Heart is Yours by Troy Collins 30x40 Oil

A Morning Whisper by Troy Collins 20x20 Oil

How He Loves Us by Troy Collins 36x72 Oil

Summer Showers Gone By by Simon Winegar 12x24 Oil

Springness by Simon Winegar 30x40 Oil

Moving On by Simon Winegar 30x48 Oil

Winter Solstice by Edward Aldrich 28x42 Oil

Profile by Edward Aldrich 12x12 Oil

Intent Gaze by Edward Aldrich 16x12 Oil

A Time of Rest by Edward Aldrich 12x10 Oil

Camp On The Yellowstone by Mark Gibson 30x30 Oil

Snowshoe Lodge by Mark Gibson 30x28 Oil

A Little Heat by Mark Gibson 17x13 Oil

Homestead by Andrew Bolam 18x18 Oil

Idaho Classic by Andrew Bolam 18x24 Oil

Grazing by Andrew Bolam 18x24 Oil

Old Friends by Andrew Bolam 24x20 Oil

Guardian by Andrew Bolam 20x20 Oil

Resilience by Andrew Bolam 20x24 Oil

Upcoming Events

Gallery Stroll Friday, November 30th 6-9pm

Troy Collins 2018/19 Winter Show December 27th-January 3rd

Troy Collins Artist Reception, December 28th 4-7 pm