Simon Winegar

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Near Lima 36x48 Oil

At Fish Lake, They Go Red 30x40 Oil

Summer Skies Are Blowing 36x48 Oil

Homestead 24x36 Oil

Big Rock Mountain 48x60 Oil

Contemplations of Newton 12x12 Oil

Newton Contemplating 12x12 Oil

Seasoned 36x36 Oil

Golden Enchantment 48x36 Oil

Bridge 12x12 Oil

Silent Soliloquy 24x48 Oil

Morning Greens 24x36 Oil

Before Harvest 36x48 Oil

Last Light Paradise 24x48 Oil

Solitude Frozen in Time 30x40 Oil

Big Rock Mountain 36x48 Oil

Antelope Flats 16x20 Oil

Shade On My Grass 12x16 Oil

I Miss Fall 48x48 Oil

Eternal Autumn 24x48 Oil

A Cold Breakfast 60x48 Oil

Meghan's Place 30x40 Oil

Slow Descent 18x24 Oil

Being Bold 48x24 Oil

Tolman and Sons II 24x30 Oil

Romance at Sundial 48x48 Oil

Some are Fallen Heroes 48x48 Oil

At the Foot of the Great Rock Canyon 30x40 Oil

Showoffs 30x40 Oil

Low Light 18x24 Oil

Canola and White Wash 24x20 Oil

Adam's Canyon 16x20 Oil

Summer Comfort 24x49 Oil

White Tips 48x45 Oil

Crisscross 24x30 Oil

Winter In Colors 14x34 Oil

Two Sentinels 12x16 Oil

Sunsplash 12x24 Oil

Replacement Parts 24x24 Oil

Fairfield Idaho 30x40 Oil

Blue and Gold Drama 18x24 Oil

Timpanogos Wilderness 60x48 Oil

The Tarp 24x30 Oil

A Warm Summer's Eve 30x36 Oil

A Golden Afternoon 24x30 Oil

Country Comfort 14x18 Oil

Sweeping Lines 14x18 Oil

Lazy Saturday 24x36 Oil

New Beginnings 24x30 Oil

Purple Moods 6x6 Oil

Poles and Lines by Simon Winegar 10x20 Oil

Country Blossoms by Simon Winegar 48x48 Oil

Cloudburst 8x6 Oil

Show Off 14x11 Oil

King Line, Engine 777 40x60 Oil

Clad In Steel, Stone and Glass 36x36 Oil

Winter Freeze 18x24 Oil

The Beloved 48x24 Oil

Out With A Bang 24.5x39 Oil

The Path That Winds 60x48 Oil

Softening the Edges 36x36 Oil

Sleet, Snow and Nostalgia 18x24 Oil

Thundercloud 30x40 Oil

Shadows Cast 10x18 Oil

Punctuation 36x24 Oil

Frosted Tips 24x24 Oil

The Stand 30x40 Oil

Fire by the Water 26x44 Oil

Cottonwood Copse 12x24 Oil

Summer Showers Gone By 12x24 Oil

Winter Storage 6x6 Oil

Three Redheads 10x10 Oil

Fields of Gold 18x24 Oil

As the Storm Gathers 48x48 Oil

Country Road by Simon Winegar 20x20 Oil

Garden City by Simon Winegar 12x24 Oil

The Farm: A True Love Affair by Simon Winegar 40x48 Oil

Old Main Park City 36x48 Oil

Metal Roof and a Fence Line 16x20 Oil

Tree Wars 18x24 Oil

Holding Onto The Season 24x48 Oil

X-618 16x12 Oil

UP150... 150 Years 12x24 Oil

Red Valley 9x24 Oil

Open Door 12x24 Oil

Old Number Eight 21x48 Oil

Monte Cristo 16x36 Oil

Metamorphosis 24x48 Oil

Iron Horses 24x48 Oil

Copse 24x48 Oil

A Wild Red Tree 24x48 Oil

A Damp Fall 36x48 Oil

Western Falls 24x36 Oil

A Top A Hill 24x24 Oil

Three Pines 24x36 Oil

Redheads 30x40 Oil

Red on the Pond 12x16 Oil

Red on Purple 30x30 Oil

Passing Trains 12x24 Oil

Pacify 11x14 Oil

Hills of Gold 24x20 Oil

Fall Color Display 13x36 Oil

Diverse Neighbor 9x30 Oil

Boat Backs 16x24 Oil

Big Cottonwood Canyon 24x48 Oil

Twisted 30x10 Oil

Trio of Bloomers 18x24 Oil

To Ogden 12x16 Oil

Secondary Triad 12x9 Oil

Near Fish Lake 30x24 Oil

Mountain Shadows 48x48 Oil

Lone Sentinel 48x24 Oil

Fall Field 11 x 14 Oil

Cloud Formation 20x20 Oil

Buildup 14x11 Oil

Anvil 12x16 Oil

Along the Waters Edge 30x40 Oil

A Damp Fall 36x48 Oil

Golden Things 36x48 Oil

Monte Cristo 36x36 Oil

Red Soliloquy 38x48 Oil

At Dock's House 24x48 Oil

Early Fall on the Wasatch 36x48 Oil

City of Trees 20x16 Oil

The Man of the House 12x12 Oil

A Thought of Frost 30x40 Oil

Whipped Cream on Top 18x24 Oil

Side Slider 12x24 Oil

A Cold Supper 36x48 Oil

Alpine Vista 15x30 Oil

Oh Deer! 14x14 Oil


“Creating moods that are often romantic and thought provoking, Simon Winegar’s tonalist landscapes are meant to provide collectors with a view of the world that runs counter to some of the more negative versions of it that are found in today’s culture. Sometimes it seems like we live in an ugly, unforgiving world,” says Winegar. “So the point of what I do is to attempt to beautify the world. I want to create a mood that moves the viewer.” American Art Collector, March 2008
Simon Winegar was born in Utah in 1979 and grew up in the suburbs of Salt Lake City. Believing to be an artist since birth, some of his first memories are of Crayola crayons and Watercolor paints. “Not a Christmas went by that we kids didn’t get a new set of watercolor paints and pad of construction paper. My mother, though not a professional artist herself, is really the one who planted the seeds of art in our minds at a very young age. I also owe some of my early beginnings to my older brother Seth. We spent much of our free time drawing and painting, since he was older, he was always a little more advanced than I was. I learned a lot from him, as he learned from others. His road to becoming an artist helped me understand art processes, as much through his mistakes as through his successes.” Simon also feels that he owes much of his education to personal study and workshop classes. “I read a lot. I think finding great art books, and applying what they teach, can be one of the greatest tools at an artist’s disposal. It enables an artist to ponder and review over and over again the fundamentals and philosophies of art. What better way to excel than by standing on the shoulders of the giants that have gone before us?”

Since entering the market in 2000, Winegar’s work became at once respected and honored. He has been featured in many magazines, books and art venues that have shown his work in a light of professionalism and quality. His work shows in some of the most respected galleries in the United States and has been seen in almost a dozen one-man-shows to date. Winegar’s art has also adorned the walls of the Springville Art Museum, The Museum of Church History and Art and the International Museum of Contemporary Masters of Fine Art.

While known mostly as a landscape painter, Winegar doesn’t limit himself to this subject alone. He can be seen painting figure, still life, seascape, and historic works of art--anything that inspires him. “There is so much to learn and explore in the world, I don’t see why anyone would limit themselves artistically without a good reason. I think it is important to try new things and always be growing as an artist. Without this continual stimulation and growth, the artistic mind becomes stagnant.”

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