Daniel Glanz

Dance Rehearsal Bronze Ed. 5

Sandhill Crane Bronze Ed. 5

Open Invitation 10″x13″x7.5″ Bronze Ed. 30

Saint Bernard 12.75″x19″x7.5″ Ed. 30

Border Collie 8”x 11”x1 7.5” Bronze Ed. 30

On the Go 6”x 11”x 3” Bronze Ed. of 30

Faithful Heart 23″x10.75″x11.5″ Bronze Ed. 10

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon 11.75″x7.5″x7.5″ Ed. 30

Mountain Treasure 20”x 10.5”x 11” Bronze Ed. 10

The Boss 9.5″x7″x10.5″ Bronze Ed. 10

French Bulldog 16.75″x19.5″x9.5″ Bronze Ed. 10

Terrior Treat 14.25”x 13.5”x 17” Bronze Ed. 10

The Little Star 14.5″x17.5″x6″ Bronze Ed. 9

Mastiff 16.5″x13.5″x23″ Bronze Ed. 30

The Good Life 16″x23″x50″ Bronze Ed. 5

Waiting to Go 3″x13″x9″ Bronze Ed. 30

Patience 12”x 10”x1 6.5” Bronze Ed. 30

Lazy Days 9”x 17”x 8” Ed. 30

Up and Coming 30″x44″x15″ Bronze Ed. 10

Few Options 10.5″x15″x7″ Bronze Ed. 30

Porcupine 14.25″x13.5″x5″ Bronze Ed. 30

About To Get Serious 15.75″x20″x8″ Bronze Ed. 30

True Companion 15.25″x22.5″x 8.5″ Bronze Ed. 30

English Pointer 17”x20”x7.75” Bronze Ed. 30

Bullheaded 11″x18″x5.5″ Bronze Ed. 30

Windswept Highlands 9.75″x13.5″x8″ Bronze Ed. 30

Labrador Doorknocker 8”x 6.5”x 4.5” Bronze Ed. 30

Newfie 11”x 7”x 12.5” Bronze Ed. 30

Mr. Personality 7 ¼” x 11 ½” x 5″ Bronze Ed. 30

Garden Connoisseur 14" x 7.5" x 5.5" Bronze Ed. 10

Bear Market 24.5″x40″x24″ Bronze Ed. 5

Late Summer Catch 5″x4.25″x8″ Bronze Ed. 30

Chillin Out 4″x6″x9″ Bronze Ed. 30

Kodiak Winds 22″x16″13″ Bronze Ed. 20

Weighing the Options 11.5″x7.5″x6″ Bronze Ed. 30

Off the Wall Penguins - Copy

Shoebill 21.5″x7″x11″ Bronze Ed. 10

Courtship 12.5″x16″x5.5″ Bronze Ed. 30

Fearless 12″x16″x5.5″ Bronze Ed. 30

Tropic Bird 37.5″x21″x10″ Bronze Ed. 30

Green Heron 20.5″x7″x18″ Bronze Ed. 30

Few Options 10.5″x15″x7″ Bronze Ed. 30

After the Hunt 15″x23″x9″ Bronze Ed. 30

Tree Top Stretch Lifesize 76″x95″x25″ Bronze Ed. 5

Tree Top Stretch 32″x35.5″x14″ Bronze Ed. 10

Dog Monkeys 12.5″x8.75″x8″ Bronze Ed. 30

Change in the Wind 9″x18.5″x18.5″ Bronze Ed. 30

Winters Paws 28″x20″x12.5″ Bronze Ed. 10

Pounce 7.25″x9.5″x5.5″ Bronze Ed. 30

Fair Warning 10.5″x5.5″x6.5″ Bronze Ed. 30

Wolf Tag 9″x22″x9″ Bronze Ed. 30

Brother Wolf 7.75″x5″x11″ Bronze Ed. 30

Fox Bust 12″x9″x7″ Bronze Ed. 30

Javelina Stories II 10″x10″20″ Bronze Ed. 30

Javelina Stories I 8.5″x6.5″x15″ Bronze Ed. 30

Fleeting Moment 11.5″x9.5″x6″ Bronze Ed. 30

Catfish 20″x12″x28″ Bronze Ed. 10

Scout 12.75″x18.5″x8.5″ Bronze Ed. 30

Free Roaming 14.5″x19″x5.5″ Bronze Ed. 30

The Lookout 20″x10″x7.75″ Bronze Ed. 30

Windswept Highlands 9.75″x13.5″x8″ Bronze Ed. 30

Bullheaded Life Size 72″x132″x42″ Bronze Ed. 5

Bullheaded 11″x18″x5.5″ Bronze Ed. 30

Bull Market 28″x 52″22″ Bronze Ed. 5

Two Step 8.5″x9.5″x5.25″ Bronze Ed. 30

One Fine Pig 6.5″x11x4.5″ Bronze Ed. 30

Percheron 12″x16.5″x5″ Bronze Ed. 30

Daniel Glanz

Award winning sculptor, Daniel Glanz, began his career in illustration and fine art photography with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. Through his bronze sculpture, he captures a timeless intimacy for the viewer. His art is known for its energy, movement and technical mastery. Both his figurative and his wildlife work share a powerful yet elegant quality, drawn from his classical approach to sculpture. He travels extensively and draws on these experiences in creating his art. His work, which is created in his studios in Colorado, ranges in size from table top to monumental. His editions and commissions grace many private collections and public art programs.

Daniel Glanz is an elected member of the National Sculpture Society and a Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists.





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