Amy Lay

The Little Majestics 30x48 Oil

Ferocity 20x20 Oil

Wind Bear 48x30 Oil

The Otter Pile 24x36 Oil

Jive 12x6 Oil

A Lovely Fox 40x30 Oil

In the Huckleberries 30x40 Oil

Red Wind 30x40 Oil

Unison 30x40 Oil

The Romance 30x40 Oil

Little Idle Hands 8x10 Oil

I Am Not Afraid 36x36 Oil


Vibrancy, a sense of looseness and a comfortable nontraditional style are all ways in which Amy's Paintings have been described.

Heavily inspired by her experiences of a life growing up in the shadow of the Eagle Cap Wilderness of Northeastern Oregon, Amy developed an intimate love and fascination for the animals and wildlife on her families’ 5 generation mountain ranch. Primarily self-taught but grateful for her Art Degree from Eastern Oregon University, Amy's career has evolved from childhood dream to reality.

Now painting primarily in oils; a bold use of color, powerful yet simple design and an ephemeral quality in her use of medium influenced by years of painting strictly in watercolor has given Amy's work a highly recognizable and unique signature quality.  Her work dances across the often thick line between realism and abstraction, traditional and contemporary and because of this it appeals to a very broad and often newer clientele.

Amy Poor's contemporary spin on the traditional subject matter is injecting fresh energy into the art scene in Park City.

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