Glen Edwards

Wall of the Ancients 24x36 Oil

Man in Red 18x24 Oil

Pintos and Paints 20x30 Oil

Dancing Drummer 24x18 Oil

On The Greasy Grass 30x40 Oil

Wise Eagle 24x36 Oil

Wedding Dress 16x12 Oil

Four Horse Hitch 24x30 Oil

Golden Grass 14x18 Oil

A Wall of Horses 36x48 Oil

Getting Deeper 18x24 Oil

Stubborn as a Mule 30x24 Oil

A New Rope 24x30 Oil

Distant Light 30x24 Oil

Stormy Weather 20x24 Oil

Preparing For Rain 18x24 Oil

Move Em' On 20x30 Oil

Traveling Moon 24 x 36 Oil

Last of the Storm 24 x 20 Oil

Black Hat 18 x 24 Oil

Three's A Crowd 20x24 Oil

Welcome Waters 22 x 28 Oil

Framed By Clouds 11 x 14 Oil

Circle E Riders 20x24 Oil

Salt River 24x20 Oil

Late Snow 24x36 Oil

Packing Out 24x30 Oil

Ceremonial Feathers 60 x 30 Oil

Spring Thaw 20 x 24 Oil

Wary Brave 20 x 30 Oil

Buffalo Warrior 16x12 Oil

Fair Weather 20x24 Oil

Battle Attire 30x20 Oil

Long Reflections 24x36 Oil

Buffalo Horn 18x24 Oil

Distant Movement 24x18 Oil

Hunting Buffalo 20x30 Oil

Sun On His Face 18x24 Oil

Fancy Meeting You Here 20x24 Oil

Heavy Burden 20x24 Oil

Colorful Reflection 20x30 Oil

White Bird 24x18 Oil

Buffalo Stands 50x30 Oil

Four Friends 20x24 Oil

Deer Trail 24x18 Oil

Running Wolf 20x16 Oil

Sun In His Face 16x20 Oil

Mother's Footsteps 24x36 Oil

High Country Drive 24x36 Oil

Summer Grass 24x36 Oil

Scottish Trader 20x30 Oil

Hand Gun 18x24 Oil

Two Bears 24x18 Oil

White Wing 18x24 Oil

Pale Bear 24x36 Oil

Soft Noise 20x24 Oil

Old Warrior 18x24 Oil

Slow to Cross 24x36 Oil

Buckskin Packhorse 20x24 Oil

Looking Around 18x24 Oil

Storm Front 20x24 Oil

Obstruction 24x30 Oil

Reaching Water 24x30 Oil

Paddling Up River 30x24 Oil

Friendly Talk 24x30 Oil

Lakota Chief 20x24 Oil

Swift Water 18x24 Oil

Thirsty Cows 20x24 Oil

Waiting For Trouble 20x30 Oil

Deep Grass 30x40 Oil

Trail of Dust 30x40 Oil

Churning up Mud 30x40 Oil

Gray Sky 18x24 Oil

The Mob 20x30 Oil

Thirsty Bunch 20x24 Oil

Turning Upstream 24x36 Oil

A Backwards Glance 24x30 Oil

Ancestral Lands 30 x 40 Oil

Apache Warrior 24x18 Oil

Five Ponies 14x18 Oil

Bear Lake Country 30 x 50 Oil

Extra Pony 18 x 24 Oil

Four Horse Hitch 24x30 Oil

Loose Shoe 20x24 Oil

Many Horns 24x36 Oil

North on Blacksmith Fork 15x30 Oil

Surrounded and Outnumbered 30x40 Oil

White Hawk 24x20 Oil


Glen Edwards ability to paint "real" people shows up in his award winning watercolor and oil paintings. His paintings have been exhibited in many one man and juried international, national, regional, state and local exhibits and are collected by people throughout the world.

His paintings and illustrations have been featured in many exhibits and publications throughout the United States. A few of his honors include: US Art Magazine Bronze Medal Award Of Excellence, Arts For The Parks Traveling Exhibit, Oil Painters Of America National and Regional Exhibits, Intermountain Society of Artists 3d Annual Exhibit- Best Of Show, Eccles Statewide Exhibit Purchase Award, Dixie College Invitational First Place Watercolor Award, Festival of the American West Best of Show and Purchase Awards.

Glen was also a featured artist in Southwest Art Magazine, July 1988. In 2002 Glen was the featured artist of The Festival of the American West. His paintings and illustrations have also been featured on covers and articles of numerous books, magazines and publications in Los Angeles, New York City and throughout the intermountain West


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