Kimbal Warren

Evening Ride 12x18 Oil

Timpanogos Springtime 24x36 Oil

Wondering the Paria River 16x20 Oil

Warm Winter Morning 12x16 Oil

Winter Woodland 9x18 Oil

A Day in the San Rafael 12x24 Oil

Ride to El Capitan 20x40 Oil

Rainbow Bridge 24x30 Oil

Navajo Riders 20x30 Oil

Lookin for Strays 11x14 Oil

Beneath the Mesa 12x24 Oil

Cool Night 16x20 Oil

Retired Truck 9x12 Oil


Growing up in Utah, Kimbal Warren felt the pull of both nature and art as a boy. His fascination with history and travel has taken him painting throughout the world. His love for art has taught him patience and persistence. Warren translates his outdoor experiences into the language of art. His canvases often convey a sense of serene grandeur. The deep quiet of undisturbed expanses is expressed through compositional balance, and colors and forms are rendered with an honesty that comes from having spent much time in the places he paints.

His horses take him into areas of pristine wilderness where he camps, allowing himself time to capture on canvas the fleeting light on a mountain before it changes, or a cloud’s soft glow and reflection. Kimbal received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Brigham Young University. He resides in Mapleton, Utah.

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