Denice Barker

Top of the Mountain 24x18 Oil

A Happy Cow 15x12 Oil

Autumn Day 6x6 Oil

Chickens I 8x10 Oil

Autumn Still Life 8x10 Oil

Early Light 24x18 Oil

Into the Autumn Woods 24x14 Oil

Chickens II 8x10 Oil

Little One 16x8 Oil

Mr. Bill 14x10.5 Oil

The Sacred Place 12x14 Oil

Snowy Road 24x36 Oil

Sunflowers 6x7 Oil

Deep Into Winter Quiet and Peaceful 22x27 Oil

Wild Black Eyed Susans 18x24 Oil

Autumns Warmth 38x26 Oil

Roost 24x18 Oil

Pink Nose 30x20 Oil

Split Rock 24x18 Oil

Summer Day At The Lake 22x28 Oil

Weber River 4x6 Oil


Denice Barkers’s love of art began at a very young age. Her grandma, Dora Marler Williams, was an artist and gave Denice a few lessons in pastel. Denice remembers her grandmother’s gentle spirit, her art spirit and her work. “I also discovered that my language was a visual language, just like my Grandma Dora’s”.

Denice was raised on a dairy farm in North Ogden and lived on a dry farm in Idaho. She has a deep respect and love of Mother Earth and because of this feels a strong connection to nature and to the land. Every aspect of nature gives her a visual feast daily. “For me to try to capture all this beauty is a lifelong love I will have until I am no more-retirement isn’t in my vocabulary”.

Denice’s medium of choice is oil paints, with an impressionistic/expressive style in many of her works. However, she states “ I am still exploring. Actually, I am in the process of interpretation and the question is how will I interpret nature?” Right now Denice paints landscapes, animals, still-lifes or whatever “catches her eye”. She says “capturing the spirit, the energy, the essences and impression of the subject- this is the direction of my heart, hand and brush are taking me”. Her paintings have been described as having energy because of her use of color, brushwork and limited detail.

Denice studied art at both Weber State University and Idaho State University. She has also studied with various artist through classes and workshops including; Lorna Obermeyer, Kent Wallis, Kathleen Torgensen Murdock, Harold Gregor, David Koch and Diane Turner. “I’ve had some excellent teachers and positive support from my family and friends. I’ve been blessed. At times I feel the same way LeConte Stewart did when he summed up his life and motivation for painting by saying, that is the only reason I’ve painted, it’s been fun. I’d rather do it than eat”.

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