Mark Gibson

Moon Sliver 14x11 Oil

Bison Skull Lodge 36x36 Oil

Clouds Over Square Butte 11x14 Oil

Camp in the High Desert 20x24 Oil

Red Butte 40x30 Oil

Evening Glass 18x30 Oil

Crow Lodge 26x22 Oil

Camp at Mudbank 24x24 Oil

Waiting in Vain 12x9 Oil

Secret of Life 21x21 Oil

Flying Flags 11x8 Oil

Sunset and Moonrise 24x24 Oil

The Modern Lodge by Mark Gibson 36x32 Oil

April Showers by Mark Gibson 24x18 Oil

Western Glow 36x36 Oil

Summer Sage by Mark Gibson 21x21 Oil

Lake Lodge by Mark Gibson 42x48 Oil

Blue Bison by Mark Gibson 20x30 Oil

Fading Light by Mark Gibson 24x24 Oil

Winter Wonderland 42x38 Oil

High Desert Sunrise Study 24x20 Oil

Reflections of Summer 30x40 Oil

Deer Lodge 24x18 Oil

Three Generations 24x28 Oil

Crow Lodge 36x30 Oil

Valley of the Moon 50x40 Oil

September Light 40x34 Oil

Moonlight Bison Lodge 30x35 Oil

High Desert Lodge 25x23 Oil

Snowshoe Lodge 30x28 Oil

Blackfoot Chief 12x9 Oil

Beach Bonfire 20x20 Oil

Fall Sunset 12x20 Oil

High Country Sunrise 8x24 Oil

Loon Lake 12x36 Oil


Mark Gibson is a native Montanan who was born in Helena and raised in Missoula. He received his first set of oils from his mother when he was only 12 years old.

Mark attended Montana State University on a scholarship and studied architecture. He also took classes on figure drawing and later studied watercolor with Hazel Foley for many years until he switched to oil painting in 1998. In the summer of 2003, Mark attended a Jim Wilcox workshop in Jackson Hole, WY, where he studied plein air painting with the talented landscape artist. Currently, Mark studies photographs and paints with local artists.

The most recent highlight of Mark’s artistic career was spending time with Tucker Smith at his home. He received critiques and spent hours reviewing books as well as looking at the well known artist’s work.

Mark recently opened a gallery and studio with artist friend Brian Schweyen. The Gibson Schweyen Gallery and Studio is located in the historic Florence Building in downtown Missoula.

The western lifestyle Mark enjoys is reflected in his subject matter. He is an avid fly fisherman and spends many weeks a year packing mules and horses. Exploring Montana’s back country is one of Mark’s favorite pastimes. Mark currently lives in Lolo Montana with his wife Lisa, daughter Josie and son Cal.

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