Michael Hamby

Ride Cowboy Ride - Bronze

Cowboy's Day Off 13"H x 5"W Bronze

A Trail Less Traveled 37 H x 26 W x 16 D Bronze

Vision Seeker 48"H x 18"W Bronze

Cassidy and the Kid 25"H x 21"W x 10"D Bronze

Midnight Reunion 34" Hx 22" W Bronze

A Sign of Peace - Bonze

Ancient Ways 49" H x 28" W x 23"D Bronze

Fourth Down - Bronze

Listen to the Spirit - Bronze

Lucky Seven 24" Hx 30" W x 11" D Bronze

Meet the Challenge 7" H x 8" W Bronze

When Lightning Strikes - Bronze


Born and raised in Utah, sculptor Mike Hamby has always had a fascination for Native American culture, wildlife, and the history that shaped the land that surrounded him, which he strives to incorporate into his art. Today, Hamby says, "All my intensity and energy goes into my art now . . . I've found what I love to do."

Mike Hamby has been blessed with a unique combination of talents which he has actively pursued throughout his life. He is an artist, musician, published illustrator and a retired professional football player. Drafted from Utah State University by the Buffalo Bills in 1985, Michael managed to tackle his four years with the team with the same amount of enthusiasm that he has for life. During his football days, he spent a great deal of time working on a literacy program with the Western New York Elementary Schools through his illustrated children's book series entitled "Darby the Dinosaur". He believes it was a wonderful opportunity to be involved with the community in both capacities as a football player and an artist. Michael's heartfelt discussions with the children were meant to reveal to the kids that you can do anything that you set your mind to.

After a career-ending injury in 1989, Michael went back to his first natural born talent, his artwork. He has received commissioned sculpture projects from Merrill Lynch, USA Today, Baseball Weekly, The National Wildlife Research Center in Fort Collins, The Buffalo Naval Park, and The National Football Hall of Fame. Hamby takes great pride in being commissioned to create a bronze bust of his former teammate, Joe DeLamielleure, for his induction in the NFL Football Hall of Fame in 2003.


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