Gerry Metz

Rainy Day Chores 18x24 Oil

After the Trade 12X16 Oil

The Old One 12x9 Oil

Fort Bonneville 30x40 Oil

Shoshone Warrior 9x12 Oil


Gerry has traveled and painted the West for over 35 years dividing his time between Arizona and Jackson Hole. He has created numerous paintings and sculptures depicting the history of Fur Trappers, Indians, ranch life and the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains. For the past six years he has traveled the Lewis and Clark route to gather information, sketch, photograph and study their journey at the same time of the year they passed through the area. He is producing paintings and sculptures of their historic and difficult journey for a tabletop book.

Gerry delights in paintings from the heart to capture historical scenes with the clarity that places the viewer back in the 1800’s to a time when the west was being explored. Many of his paintings depict stories of actual occurrences taken from the journals of Mountain Men, Traders and Historians.

His paintings have won numerous awards and are in museums and prominent collections around the world.


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