Andrew Bolam

Unafraid 72x44 by Andrew Bolam Acrylic

The Sage King by Andrew Bolam 60x60 Acrylic

Cross Examination 72x44 Acrylic

Moving Forward by Andrew Bolam 48x62 Acrylic

Green Eyes 46x46 Acrylic

Moving On 52x62 Acrylic

The Poet 48x54 Acrylic

Anchorman 72x60 Acrylic

The Calling 50x50 Acrylic

Numinous 42x48 Oil

The Visionary 42x48 Oil

Before the Storm 48x54 Oil

Prepared 44x48 Oil

The Guardian II 48x72 Oil

Mystic 46x46 Oil

Of the Stars 48x54 Oil

Imagine The Infinite 44x48 Oil

Wrangler III 48x48 Oil

Meditation 24x24 Oil

Monuments 24x24 Oil

Face Of A Nation II 21x21Oil

Star Gazer 24x24 Oil

The Eagle Feather 36x36 Oil

Reverence 24x36 Oil

Resilience 20x24 Oil

Sentinel 18x18 Oil

Homestead 18x18 Oil

Idaho Classic 18x24 Oil

Grazing 18x24 Oil

Old Friends 24x20 Oil

Andrew Bolam

Andrew is an English-born painter who currently resides along the shores of Lake Tahoe, CA. He was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne in Northern England in 1971. He was educated at the Newcastle College School of Art and Design in England, where he received a degree in graphic design.  His career as a professional artist began as an illustrator in Los Angeles in 1990, where he refined many of the techniques he now employs in his work. The lack of creativity and the constraints of graphic design eventually drove him from that career, however at which time he relocated to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 1995 and returned to his first love of painting landscapes. It was there, amidst the awe-inspiring peaks and valleys of the Sierra, that Bolam unearthed a newfound passion for painting. Collectors began to take notice, and soon he was painting full time to supply demand for his work.

Although a studio painter his work is firmly rooted in experience. A passionate traveler and explorer, field work is the essence of his painterly oil. Whether neck deep in muddy water in a Utah slot canyon or road side in rural Montana, Bolam can be found, sketch book in hand, chasing his muse. Bolam confesses "I have so much affection for the American west that I can hardly keep up with my desire to paint what I see." His subject matter is diverse as his travels. He paints a broken down old barn in the California foothills, a soaring Rocky Mountain peak or the last touch of sunlight on the Colorado plateau.

Recently, Andrew embarked upon a new series of works inspired by his travels around the American west and studies of Native American art and artifacts. These arresting paintings blend art, culture and history into new works of art that display depth, texture and nuance.

"I blend my personal history and interests with a deep love for the American west and a profound respect for its culture and people onto canvas."

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