Corrina Johnson

Richie 12x9 Oil

Sheldon 6x8

Summer 6x8 Oil

Sharleen 6x8

Rupert 5x7 Oil

Rene 5x7 Oil

Ralph 5x7 Oil

Dorothy 7x5 Oil

Annabelle 7x5 Oil

Baby Moose 7x5 Oil

Deborah by Corrina Johnson 5x5 Oil

"Deborah" by Corrina Johnson 5x5 Oil

Hilda and Heidi by Corrina Johnson 6x8 Oil

"Hilda and Heidi" by Corrina Johnson 6x8 Oil

Jasper 8x8 Oil

Jasmine 8x8 Oil

Julian 8x8 Oil

Josie 5x7 Oil

Jenie 5x7 Oil

Terry 7x5 Oil

Kent 5x5 Oil

Melissa 5x5 Oil

Warren 8x8

Whit 8x8

Wyatt 8x8


Corrina started drawing horses at age 5 and continued throughout school. She received a scholarship to study with a wildlife artist after high school and attended the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle to study figure drawing and fashion illustration.
After taking time away from art to get her business degree she resumed her study of oil painting by taking many workshops across the country with wildlife and landscape artists and attending courses at the Scottsdale Art School. She spent two years painting plein air on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington where she began painting the cows in the fields, which late evolved into cow portraits.

After living most of her life in Washington she started traveling between Phoenix and Jackson to do shows, meet other artists and study. She likes to have open access to paint the beautiful scenery in Wyoming and gather all of the animal reference photos necessary to paint her paintings. She likes Phoenix because it has been a great place to paint the beautiful sunsets in the desert.

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