Chad Barksdale

Prime 7x14 Oil

Favored 12x18 Oil

Cascade 9x12 Oil

White Roses 5x7 Oil

Confluere 16x24 Oil

Cosmo 12x18 Oil

Hinterland 12x18 Oil

Pathway 13.5x24 Oil

Sand And Glass 8x12 Oil


The exciting world of design and its expression on the two dimensional surface has always been the driving force in the creation of chad Barksdale’s work. He was raised in a household of artists wherein he was exposed early to the visual vocabulary of shape and color and the psychological impact it can potentially produce within an individual. Painting, for Barksdale, is a key to the doorway of the mysteries of design as it allows the artist to experiment, discover and solidify concepts in those uncertain realms that are so prevalent in making a picture. Discovery is the reward and the impetus as the universally acknowledged “better way” is sought. In seeking this, Barksdale sincerely acknowledges his daily reliance upon both contemporary and deceased makers of fine art in all its forms. Arguably, one of Barksdale’s most remarkable influences has been his father, Ralph Barksdale, whose own love of design and picture making has been gleaned upon from an early age. “Viewing a well executed work is exciting enough, but for an artist, viewing a drawing or painting at the point of creation under the hand of a master is best. I was fortunate to see this often and gratefully benefit.” Creating a picture, for Barksdale, is actually about thoughtful choices. “From subject choice all the way down to applying the signature, the process is weighing, comparing, clarifying and often discarding. This freedom given the fine artist is critically important to why I make pictures.”

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